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HCM Holiday Party

Thank you for another great year HCM!  

Happy Holidays to all!

Washington County Building Construction Tour

The office took off on a Friday afternoon to visit Washington County's new Public Works building that HCM is wrapping up!  

It's great to see it all coming together!

Happy Holidays!

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

HCM Crew

Enjoying a beautiful day in July, the HCM Crew took to the outdoors for a new staff photo by our friend Philip De Jong. Thanks Phil!

Happy Holidays!

After another successful year at HCM Architects, the Team gathered together last Saturday night for a lovely celebration at the new Christensen House for appetizers and drinks. We then enjoyed a brisk walk to the Collosal Cafe on Como Avenue for an amazing  four course feast followed by delicious treats by Jerry Hagen! Thank you to the Collosal Team for making the night unforgettable. Also, thank you everyone for making this year a huge success.  Happy Holidays and see you next year!

Anoka County Highway Department - Construction Update

Our Anoka County Highway Department project  is in the midst of construction, taking full advantage of our dry and mild winter weather!  Installation of precast panels, structural steel and built-up roofing have progressed with only minor delays, which keeps a smile on everyone's face (well - most of the time).  Inserted below are images of various stages of construction thoughout the project, starting from early October 2011 to late January 2012.  

Office Visit to new Cummins CPGO Shoreview Headquarters

The whole HCM office recently toured the Cummins CPGO Shoreview facility to see the extend of changes and improvements to this previously dated 1970s office building.  The renovated building looks great, with lots of natural light from skylights, open circulation routes for soft seating and large curtainwall openings at the end of major hallways to help people orient themselves while moving through the large building.

Enjoying the sun rays, contagious laughs and ejected casings.

For the fall outing HCM joined the folks from Schreiber and Mullaney for an afternoon of clay shooting.  The event took place at the MN Horse and Hunt Club where everyone shot at various stands through the course.  Overall the day was a success, clays were bursting left and right; even my amateur self hit almost half my attempts.  We really couldn’t have asked for any better weather or company.  Literally and figuratively it was a BLAST!

HCM Best Ball Tournament!

After a lot of hesitation from the group, we finally got everyone away from their computers and out in the fresh air to enjoy an afternoon of lunch and golfing.  We enjoyed a nice lunch at Obb's Sports Bar & Grill in Saint Paul, followed by a round of 9 holes at a past project; The Ponds at Battle Creek Golf Course in Maplewood completed in 2002. Since not everyone in the office has played much golf, we chose to do a best ball competition between the two teams.

Team 1: Tim McIlwain, Roger Christensen, Liz Gutzman, Eric Erdahl

Team 2: Jerry Hagen, Dan Lind, Matt Lysne, Dan Lawrence and Liz Berres

It was a close race, but Team 1 ended with the win with a score of 36!!!

The day ended with a few drinks sitting at the patio looking over the 5th hole.

What a great day; we will definitely be making this an annual summer event for the office!!

Yet another gun show....

Like most the HCMer's extracurricular activities involving getting outside and being active is a huge priority for life outside the office.  This past weekend Liz B participated in an endurance and power competition hosted by Lifetime Fitness and Powerade in Chanhassen, MN.   She placed 43rd overall with a time of 20 mins 50 secs against over hundred male and female participates from around the metro area.  The course pushed you to your limits, testing your strength by pushing every muscle group and ending with endurance including 1.5 miles of hills pushing your cardiovascular abilities.  Overall there were 12 stations and lots of fun.

CPG Sonitus Update

  I was supposed to photograph our office lunch with the IAC team from England, as we had seven Brits over for lunch on the patio last week, however, I forgot to take a single photograph, so instead, here are some photos from my most recent site visit.  Things are shaping up nicely around the site with the help of some drier weather.  The first acoustic wedges are on site and you can get an idea of the scale of them in the interior photograph.

Office Site Visit

Our office met for a site tour at the Cummins Power Generation, Sonitus project this week and afterward went out for lunch.  Despite rain and dreary weather we had a fun tour and everyone from our office attended.  The project is about 85% complete and IAC (our direct client) is now on site installing acoustic panels in the Hemi-Anechoic Chamber.

Spring Office Outing

Perfect timing led to a great, sunny outing with Schreiber Mullany Contractors (yes, contractors actually like us!) on the Rush River this past week.  After an afternoon of fly fishing we enjoyed a few Wisconsin only New Glarus beers before a chicken dinner and trap shooting under the lights.

Office Cook-Out

On a rare, sunny Friday this past week we all sat down to enjoy our first brat lunch cook out on the office patio. Unfortunately there wasn't a camera ready when Jerry started a grease fire that threatened to take down the neighboring apartment building… Thankfully our food was off the grill, so no brats were harmed.