On the 9th & 10th Floor of the Ameriprise Service Center Building in downtown Minneapolis, Valspar Headquarters resides. Only a few years after moving into the space with new layout/finishes/etc. the Valspar Team found the flow of space for visitors to be unwelcoming. Visitors must be greeted in the lobby of the Ameriprise building, making the Lobby on the 10th Floor rarely used. Instead visitors are walked through open office area where people are working quietly. After a lot of discussion, the Team decided it was time to re-work the South half of the 10th floor to create a sequence of spaces for a visitor to walk as they arrived for a meeting. In the center of this space is a large collaboration space for Team members to meet and work together. The room can be closed off or opened up to feel like one even larger space for gathering. There are a few smaller areas of soft seating for smaller Teams to gather with monitors throughout for employees to plug in their laptops and share ideas. This design project is very fast paced. The construction documents were created in a couple short months and construction began December 6th and will be complete on January 11th. Below are a series of design renderings and construction images thus far.