Reaching into the archives

As many of you know, HCM recently celebrated 20 years of business! We at the office wanted to share an article written about HCM Architects in the 90s.


When this was written, we were located in the North Loop of Minneapolis (before it was the North Loop that it is today!). The cover of the magazine is a little dated, but check out the photo of the partners below! 

Read the full article here



Cedarholm Nearing Completion

Cedarholm-Blog 6.12.18.JPG

Cedarholm Community Building and Clubhouse in Roseville, MN is nearing construction completion. The 5,000 square foot building features a 100-person capacity Community Room with adjoining exterior patio space overlooking the great views of the golf course. Check it out as part of the City's annual Rosefest this summer! 




HCMers took advantage of the sunshine to dig out our patio and throw some brats on the grill, celebrating our direct transition from winter to summer. 

Yes, there is a foot of snow in the background. Yes, its 75 degrees outside! Our founding partner, Jerry (Center, back), dispenses architectural advice to the staff designers.  



We're happy to announce that the demolition is well under way for the City of Minneapolis' East Side Storage & Maintenance Facility. The former building housed the Wheeling Steel Corrugating Company, and the property had been vacant for some time. Construction is set to start later this spring! 

East Side Demo.jpg
East Side Demo 2.jpg

Tuesday Morning: HCM Architects

Ever wonder what happens when an HCMer decides to move to California? 

Darius is off to warmer climates, but we decided to give him a proper send off this morning with an air horn hidden under his chair.

MWMO Grant Approved

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HCM is happy to announce that the East Side Storage and Maintenance Facility was approved for grant funding from the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization.

The grant will allow for significant improvements to storm-water management on the site. This is especially important given the industrial nature of the site. Strategies include capturing and treating rainwater from hardscapes and rooftops. Stormwater will be treated and released through practices such as rain-gardens and underground storage. 

Equally important, the grant helps with educational elements which will showcase how rainwater is captured, treated, and released. It aims to educate residents and city employees on watershed stewardship, drawing ties between the neighborhood, the local watershed, and the Mississippi. 

Floodplain Collective was an integral part of this grant application and landscape design. You can find out more about them here!

Blog 3.png
Blog 1.png

Office Tour - Banner Engineering

On March 22nd, HCM took the afternoon to tour Banner Engineering, which Roger Christensen and Liz Gutzman have been leading for the past year. As we all work as one, tours like these are a fantastic opportunity to see the results of the hard work our team puts in.

Afterwards we celebrated Eden Messner's new adventure to Wisconsin for grad school as she pursues her Master in Architecture. We wish her the best on this big step towards licensure.



For the past 9 months our Design Team has been working with the Pool & Yacht Club Committee to define an overall scope of improvements/upgrades to the Existing 3-Level Building in Lilydale, MN on the Mississippi River.

The Facility is entered from a raised parking and drop off platform remote from the main Parking Lot. Club Members and their Guests come into the Main Entry from this platform into the Club Level which is the uppermost Level. This Level includes the Main Dining Room and Kitchen along with a Bar Lounge/Casual Eating Space, Toilet Rooms and an Office Area. Outside the Bar Lounge/Casual Dining Area is an Outdoor Deck for dining overlooking the Mississippi River with dramatic views. The next Level below incorporates Banquette Space to rent for events for Members and the Public. There is a Bar Area open into the Large Banquette Room. In addition this Level has Toilet Rooms, Kitchen, Dry Goods Storage, Cooler Storage and a small Office Area. The lowest level is the Basement Level which is primarily for Storage and is subject to flooding when the river is high.  After working through potential Design Phases and Construction Costs last Fall, it was determined to proceed with Phase 1. Construction of Phase 1 began in mid-January 2018 and will be complete by the beginning of May 2018.

Phase 1 includes the following functional improvements to the Facility:

  • New Passenger Elevator located near the Main Entry to travel between the Main Dining  Level and Banquette Level
  • New Lower Level Accessible Toilet Rooms
  • Lower Level Kitchen Remodel
  • Lower Level Bar Remodel
  • New Walk-in Freezer and Cooler
  • Lower Level circulation re-alignment and Office Relocation
  • Remove Old non-code compliant Elevator
  • Banquette Level Finishes and Lighting
  • New Exterior Window Replacements and New Window Opening at the West end
  • New Fireplace


On the evening of February 26th, the City Council of Maplewood MN voted unanimously to approve to move the Wakefield Parks project forward into the bidding phase. This caps a nearly yearlong effort, where HCM Architects has worked in concert with Kimley Horn and our various consultants. HCM and Kimley Horn have met with various city councils and the community to get stakeholder feedback and rigorously engage the community in the design process for the improvements.

In continued coordination with the city and parks department the structure will be solar ready for if and when the funds become available to make this park project net zero energy. The city has expressed that this project will only be the beginning of the improvements to Wakefield Park; where improvements to the water quality of the lake are also being planned.

HCM and Kimley Horn have been honored to work alongside the community and their elected officials to carry the project into the bidding phase and look forward to the completion of the project in late 2018.



Friends of HCM Architects,

On Monday morning, February 2, 1998, Groundhog Day, we opened our doors to begin a great adventure called HCM Architects.  To think that we will be celebrating a 20 years of business milestone is a true blessing! Something we never dreamed of in those early years.

We want to take the opportunity to acknowledge how fortunate we have been and how thankful we are for all of our clients, colleagues and consultants whom we have teamed with on our projects.  Most of all, we appreciate our families and friends who have supported us along the way.

We are very grateful and thankful for everyone who joined us in celebrating.

We also look forward to the next 20 years and what that brings for HCM.


HEARING COMPONENTs construction update

HCM’s client Hearing Components is nearing the completion of a build out of their new space, which will vastly expand their production capabilities. HCM and AB Systems out of Rochester, MN worked with the Oakdale, MN based Hearing Components to remodel an existing building directly next door to their previous facility on a compressed timeline. Combining their two locations into one in a truncated timeline due to expiring leases was a major part of the project.

Congratulations to Hearing Components on the expansion of their facilities. If you are looking for a new ear bud tip, look them up at


Over the years, HCM Architects has worked on various projects at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport. One of the latest projects we have been apart of is Blue Door Pub, home of the Blucy! Blue Door Pub is opening its 5th location within Terminal 1, and the space will highlight a 22' tall branding wall as well as a mural of the Twin Cities which will be painted by local artist Lili Payne. The CD Package for Blue Door has just gone out and we are excited for construction to begin. 

Blue Door11 (2)-6.jpg


The team at Banner Engineering is currently framing the exterior walls and has already began framing the second level interior walls. Next steps include pouring the main level slab and continuing to finish the exterior shell.



Cummins Engineering is coming close to the end of Construction, and the entire team is excited to see it completed. The exterior facade is being wrapped up, and interior finishes are being prepared to go in. 



Liz G.jpeg


HCM is extremely excited to share with you that Liz Gutzman has recently passed her final Architect Registration Examination, and as of the end of 2017, she is officially a licensed Architect! Liz has been an important part of this team for years and is crucial to many major projects. We are excited for her future and growth as an Architect!


HCM wants to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season. We hope it is filled with family, friends, laughs and smiles! We have been extremely blessed this year and are excited for the new year to come! 

HCM 's Christmas Party



Hagen, Christensen & McILwain Architects was responsible for the programming and design of the recently renovated Boston Scientific Building 1, Levels 2 & 3, on their Weaver Lake Campus. This design captures the requirements of the Boston Scientific Global Design Standards creating a more open office environment. Click the link below to read more about the recently completed project!

Banner Enginnering - Framing


The steel frame is being constructed and concrete for the HQ Entrance Patio is being poured.

BHAC - Schematic Design

HCM Architects is currently working with Anoka County to develop an idea to transform the exterior of their Activity Center located in Bunker Hills Park. With hopes to have the remodel completed by end of Summer next year, we are excited to work with the Parks Department to create a more engaging gathering space for weddings and company outings.


ESSF - Artist Selection

The City of Minneapolis has selected its Artist for the East Side Storage Facility in Northeast Minneapolis. HCM is very excited to be working on this project, and to now see Randy Walker apart of it. Click the link below to see Randy Walker's website, including his portfolio and bio.

Randy Walker

Randy Walker

Return Journey -  Brackett Park

Return Journey - Brackett Park