Client: Boston Scientific Corporation Location: Maple Grove, MN

Completion: December 2013


The Boston Scientific corporate team commissioned HCM Architects to bring new design energy to the existing Weaver Lake 3 Lobby. In 2005 HCM Architects designed the Weaver Lake 3 Building, though company branding had not been solidified at that time to incorporate into the project.  Today, Boston Scientific was looking to use interactive technology displays to brand their message within their main lobby.  HCM saw this as a perfect opportunity to partner with Star, a Minneapolis-based exhibit design company, to collaboratively design and build the client's branding pieces. The final design included a new backdrop with monitor to the front desk, a touch screen area with fabric panel backdrops consisting of inspirational words used by the company, a light box column with another branding word used today, a large video screen wall consisting of 9 monitors that displays videos of company product, and finally re-working the BSC logo on the brick wall to be more visible in the space.


With a very short amount of time to execute the design, Star was able to build the pieces quickly and the BSC team was very happy with the end result! Since this project was such a success, we have now been asked to create this same energy in the WL2 Lobby. This design with be presented to the owner in the near future.


Following photo credits to Paul Crosby.