Roosevelt Library is moving fast; with last month’s City of Minneapolis Historical Preservation Committee approval construction documents went underway and were just completed last week.  Meanwhile the Library was closed in Feb. and completely cleared out and all hazardous material was abated.  The project will soon go out to bid with construction starting this summer. Maintenance  and improvements are critical to keep this library as a community anchor and  resource.  With an old aging building in  the twenty first century; Roosevelt’s key upgrades include full code compliances, accessibility routes and restrooms, new energy efficient  mechanical and electrical systems, exterior restorations and collection  updates.  The sustainable approach at  Roosevelt is the long-term preservation of the building itself, and  rehabilitating the building to fit its future needs.  Roosevelt’s original masonry construction was  designed to last over a hundred years.   The proposed ehabilitation treatments will help the building continue  to fulfill its original purpose as well as adapt to new opportunities.  Repair and replacement of deteriorated  features are necessary in keeping with the spirit and intent of the property; along  with the new addition.