Pei Wei is open for business! Pei Wei is a restuarant under the wing of PF Chang's. Although it was difficult to fit such an elaborate cook line in such a small space, the end result is vibrant and fun. The idea of Pei Wei is for the public to see their food being made on the fast paced cookline.  The restuarant is open from the front of house to the food prep area. The only area not seen to the public eye is where the dish washing and cold storage takes place.  We were even able to fit seating within the lease line. The use of color and materials makes the space bright and fun! The second phase of the project involves the remote seating area. You can see in the photos below, the original intent was to create additional seating for those eating at Pei Wei. However, after much discussion with the MAC, it makes more sense to make this seating more flexible.  It will now be about a place to stop with your bags and relax/eat while waiting for a flight. The seating area is currently under design; in the meantime, the airport has placed basic tables and chairs until construction begins. This was my first project at the airport and although it was very challenging, it was also very rewarding.  I learned a lot about kitchen construction, coordination between the various parties involved, and the guidelines to follow when working at the airport! Not to mention the food is delicious!!! Definitely stop over and enjoy a taste next time you travel!!