Yesterday HCM presented the Roosevelt Library Concept Design to various Hennepin County Librarian Staff (including Roosevelt Staff). Design items included:

  1. Reviewing recent Community feedback
  2. Reviewing Key design ideas and concept images
  3. Reviewing the concept design plan.

After reviewing the design the rest of the meeting was open to discussion for feedback about the design proposed, existing likes about Roosevelt, critical items that need to be changed etc. HCM felt the meeting was very successful and informative.  It was a great milestone to start the schematic design phase.

Some example comments were:

What do you currently like about Roosevelt?

  1. Feeling of a place of community, community heart/center.
  2. The buildings story/history/age/period/architecture/character
  3. Open and blended layout
  4. The patrons are self sufficient- mobile technology ready
  5. Built-in highly details wood book shelves and window seats
  6. Very cohesive usage
  7. Open site lines and everything is perceived as ‘in reach’
  8. Cozy and intimate
  9. Very enjoyable and welcoming
  10. Traditional yet ‘trying’ to be modern
  11. Lots of diversity

What is critical to change at Roosevelt?

  1. Operable, traditional windows, creates a welcoming/clean environment i.e. in spring with cool breezes.
  2. Needs to be refreshed and updated!
  3. Keep the look but bring the building into the 21st century
  4. Create a ‘healthy’ building
  5. Better service desk – lower, accessible, open, approachable
  6. Larger flowing workroom
  7. Lots of outlets
  8. Accessible inside and out
  9. Even better site lines
  10. Better book drop – off of desk, larger opening, internal and straight to workroom
  11. Multi-purpose is a MUST!
  12. Include the 1% public art