This past Spring, HCM had a very special opportunity to design a memorial piece in honor of Carter Geyen. Carter was 12 years old when he died last year in a tragic accident at his favorite playground doing what he loved most, playing and having fun. Carter's parents came to HCM looking to contribute an interactive play sculpture that captured Carter's spirit, attitude and love.  After research and collaboration a playful  'form' was developed to create an environment that would encourage sand and water play through its trench design  while capturing donated park amenities such as a bench, drinking fountain, sand box, paths and gardens.  The overall design is to bring something more meaningful to this small neighborhood park while embedding Carter's memory through play, learning and exploration.  Through many hurdles, such as park board approval, council approval and local community impact meetings the design was embraced with open arms.  Next steps include, landscape design; Linder's is working with the Family as well as others who would like to contribute plants to create a garden that surrounds the piece.  Construction organization; the Family is working with multiple contractors and engineers to develop the construction plan and schedule.  Friends and family will have opportunities to help at different phases of construction, i.e. planting flowers and trees.  And of course lastly construction, anticipation start day will be mid Aug.  It is absolutely wonderful how many people have already contributed to this amazing process and cause so far.